Our manifesto.

San Francisco is pretty… different. Some might even say it's seven square miles of contradictions.

San Francisco is the fog, the farmer's market, the costume box in every closet. It's the $5 cup of coffee next to the $1 taco. It's where optimism meets work ethic. It's the nudists and the startups, the hippies, the idealists, the lifers, the transplants. This city might be the only thing we all have in common.

This is our city.

By living here, we've all embraced a way of life that's about being on the edge – of social change, technology, even nature. After all, the ocean, the hills and the fault lines are San Francisco too. So let's take care of the people and the place we love. Let's take stock of our skills and resources. Let's not wait until a disaster to show how connected we are.

Let's start small and go from there. Together.

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