Community Hub, Glide Church
The Tenderloin, San Francisco,

As a pastor at Glide Church in the Tenderloin, Karen Oliveto gathers a diverse community of San Franciscans every week, from CEOs to drag queens to the homeless population. This experience has made her uniquely qualified to support people in a crisis.

My experience has given me insight into my role in a disaster. I’m trained to be present with people in the midst of a crisis. To help them connect with others.

What I would offer:

  • Community support

    Community support

    “We won’t always be able to reach our earthquake kit. We are going to need to trust each other deeply in the days following a major emergency. These relationships are the ones that are going to sustain us and save us.”

    Gather Supplies
  • Emergency Equipment

    Emergency Equipment

    “At Glide, we have a lot of emergency equipment—cots, blankets, food ready to offer. It’s a community center where people can come together and know that they are going to be met with dignity and respect and a home, in the midst of crisis.”

    Get Connected