Celebrate Inauguration Day at Home and Online

January 18, 2021

As we move toward Inauguration Day, let’s dedicate ourselves to stopping the spread of COVID-19. At this pivotal moment in our nation’s history, you may feel compelled to gather with others to express your views and share your commitment to strengthening our democracy. However, COVID-19 is circulating in our community and we are under the State’s Regional Stay Home Order. It is best to participate in the inauguration at home with those you live with and with others virtually through social media or video streaming. Gathering in person can spread the virus, cause suffering, and bring more strife to our city and nation.

If you absolutely must go out, stay outdoors; wear a cloth face covering fully over your nose and mouth; keep a minimum six feet distance from those from other households; don’t shout, scream, sing, or chant (which sends potentially infectious droplets greater distances); wash your hands or use hand sanitizer; and don’t share food or other items. If you wind up in a potentially infectious situation, get tested.

On Inauguration Day, show your commitment to the American ideal of taking individual responsibility to serve the greater good. Keep your family, friends, and community safe. San Francisco is in the midst of an alarming COVID-19 surge. Our hospitals are in immediate danger of being overwhelmed and unable to care for you or your loved ones. We must stop the spread and bend the curve of the coronavirus. It is the truly patriotic thing to do. Learn more at sf.gov/covid19

Image of preventing spread of COVID-19.