Use your Facebook account

Create a Facebook group with your inner circle so you can easily send messages, share supplies, and make a plan together. Like SF72 on Facebook to get tips and updates.

In an emergency:
Post your status to Facebook to let friends and family know you are ok.

Check updates on Twitter

Add emergency accounts to your Twitter feed, to stay informed. Some of our favorites: SFDEMSF72org511 and 311.

In an emergency:
Post about yourself and your area. Use #SF72 to include them in the crowdsourced emergency feed.

Save documents on Google Drive

Scan personal documents like your driver’s license, passport, and birth certificate. Save digital copies in the cloud through Google Drive.

In an emergency:
Access your documents remotely in case you can't get home. Know that there is a safe copy in the cloud.

Meet your neighbors on Nextdoor

Sign up for Nextdoor to meet your neighbors and create a community disaster preparedness plan.

In an emergency:
Log onto Nextdoor to share local information and resources with people who live near you.

Sign up for Airbnb

Create an AirBnB profile so you are ready to find or share a place to stay if anything happens.

In an emergency:
Find a place to stay, or share your place with those in need.

Connect through your local networks.

Your neighborhood networks are important in an emergency too—consider the connections you already have—to your yoga studio, craft collective, spiritual groups, or friends in the neighborhood—so you can band together if something happens.

How to Connect

    • My yoga class
    • My workplace
    • My book club
    • My neighborhood bar
    • My school
    • My congregation

Learn more from our partners.

To get even better prepared as a household, neighborhood, or community, connect with these organizations.

Neighborhood Empowerment Network logo

Neighborhood Empowerment Network equips SF neighborhoods with tools and programs designed to create safe, clean, and economically resilient communities.

Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams logo

San Francisco Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams teaches emergency preparedness and response basics through free hands-on training so you are ready to take care of yourself and others.

San Francisco Interfaith Council logo

San Francisco Interfaith Council provides spiritual comfort at times of crisis, builds understanding, celebrates diversity, and coordinates services in San Francisco.