SF CityNow

Wildfire season is here and with it comes the risk of electric outages (Public Safety Power Shutoff) and poor air quality from wildfires.

Prepare for Electric Outages (Public Safety Power Shutoff): Keep batteries for flashlights, stock up on nonperishable foods and keep ice packs in your freezer to prevent food from spoiling. For more, visit sf72.org/hazard/electric-outages.

Take steps to prepare for Poor Air Quality from Wildfires: Replace/Refurbish old leaky/windows and doors, purchase MERV 13 filters for your ventilation systems for use during a heavy smoke event and consider purchasing a non-ozone producing HEPA air purifier. For more, visit sf72.org/hazard/air-quality.

Sign up for emergency alerts by texting your zip code to 888-777 to sign up for AlertSF.