Today is the Day to Get Prepared for a Power Shutoff (Bonus: It Counts for Earthquakes Too!)

September 16, 2019

The planned PG&E public safety power shutoffs that may occur during this wildfire season are intended to protect lives and property of our neighbors vulnerable to wildfire. Because San Francisco shares the same power grid with our east and south bay neighbors who are at risk to wildfire, a power shutoff to these communities would mean San Francisco could be without power, too.

A public safety power shutoff in San Francisco would mean homes, businesses and public places may be without electricity for an extended period. The disruption and hardship of an electric outage may affect some more than others. This is why it is important for those who can be prepared at home do so. Taking steps to prepare now will allow the City to prioritize meeting the needs of our most at-risk populations.

We all hope this does not happen, but we need to be ready either way. Trying to figure out your plan, gathering supplies and getting connected to emergency information when the electricity is off is a lot harder than doing so now—while the lights are on, stores are open and we can take stock of what additional supplies we may need during a power outage. Think of this as a silent earthquake, without the damage, but with many of the same challenges an earthquake would likely present. The good news is preparing your home for an extended electric outage helps prepare you for any emergency including earthquakes.

At the heart of preparedness is community connection. It is imperative we share what we are doing to get ready with our friends, family and loved ones so they can do the same; and during the outage we must check on those who may need some extra help. Think about who you will help get prepared for a power shutoff and commit to checking on them during the outage. We are all in this together.

Check to learn what to do today to be ready for a power shutoff (and an earthquake!).


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