Disaster Survivor, Hurricane Sandy
New York City, Oct. 2012

Dee, a San Francisco resident, was visiting friends in New York City during Hurricane Sandy. After braving the first few hours on her own, Dee connected with a co-worker, and spent the rest of the storm making sure her other colleagues were safe.

My coworker and I created an email thread with everyone from the office. They responded to the email or text so we could track where everyone was.

How I'm prepared

First aid kit in a red box with a white cross

Emergency Supplies

“Having a kit could be a matter of saving your life. If you never have to use it, even better...but at least you have things if you need them.”

Cell phone displaying a screen with a list of contacts

Out of area contact

“We set up a person that is not in California that we all call to disseminate information about all of us, if it’s state-wide emergency. It’s an aunt in Michigan.”

Clipboard with a copy of the SF72 emergency plan, and a pen

Meetup Plan

“We set up a calling tree with our friends, and we have a meeting place. We have a general timeline—after an emergency, on the half hour, every half hour. It’s a corner store near our houses.”

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