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10 Years Ago Today: The Great Northeast Blackout

August 14, 2013 in

Ten years ago today was the great Northeast Blackout of 2003, which spanned eight states and two countries (United States and Canada) and left more than 50 million people without power. We've compiled some iconic images of blackout. Although, a decade ago and a continent apart, we can't help but see San Francisco in in these photos and if something similar were to happen here, that we would come together--not fall apart.

What is Resilience?

July 21, 2013 in

Last month Rob Dudgeon, DEM Deputy Director, visited Haifa, Israel [see his first blog about the trip Notes from the Field: Haifa, Israel]. In this second installment journaling his experience there, Rob shares his perspectives on the fundamental meaning of resilience through the lens of Haifa's mayor who led his city's resilience to the Second Lebanon war in 2006 when hundreds of rockets rained down on Haifa for a month.

Notes from the Field: Haifa, Israel

Occasionally, staff members at the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management (DEM) have an opportunity to travel abroad. They frequently write back with their observations. The following is the first of brief series of blogs journaling the experiences of DEM Deputy Director, Rob Dudgeon, who last week participated in a San Francisco emergency management delegation that visited Haifa, Israel.

Practice Makes Resilience

May 13, 2013 in

The act of terrorism that occurred at the Boston Marathon is every city’s worst nightmare. It shakes all of us to the core as it’s hard not to think about something similar happening within our own community.

The 107th San Francisco Earthquake and Fire Commemoration Photo Montage

We got up very early, we dressed in 1906 style, and we joined our fellow San Franciscans in commemorating one of the most significant natural disasters in California’s history. Please enjoy DEM’s photographs documenting our participation in an annual ritual filled with camaraderie and San Francisco pride. Special note of appreciation, acknowledgment and thanks to Michael Mustacchi for photographing this special event.