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Fear Factor

Nothing grabs headlines like fear. In some circles, yesterday’s earthquake in Southern California was cast as a foreshock to the apocalypse. Cue the scenes of a volcano erupting in Los Angeles and an asteroid hurling towards earth. Somebody better call Tommy Lee Jones and Bruce Willis because we need a hero!

Are we scared yet? Okay, now let’s all take a step back from the ledge.

We Survived! Now What?

January 7, 2013 in

I’ll admit it, I breathed a silly sigh of relief when I woke up (intact) December 22nd having called bluff on the Mayan calendar’s end of the world deadline. And about ½ a second later, I was on to my holiday to-do list and to life as usual.

From the Archives: Van, Turkey: Dispatch One

December 7, 2012 in

It was about a year ago that DEM visited Van, Turkey. At the time of the visit, the region was a few months into its recovery from a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. In this em4SF we are taking a look back to this series of blogs chronicling the team's experience in a city recovering from this devastating earthquake: Van, Turkey: Dispatch One.