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From the Archives: Van, Turkey: Dispatch One

December 7, 2012 in

It was about a year ago that DEM visited Van, Turkey. At the time of the visit, the region was a few months into its recovery from a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. In this em4SF we are taking a look back to this series of blogs chronicling the team's experience in a city recovering from this devastating earthquake: Van, Turkey: Dispatch One.

Notes from the Field – New York, Day 3

It is day 3 of the DEM team’s deployment to support the Westchester County Department of Emergency Services. In the wake of the nor'easter that hit last night, DEM Deputy Director, Rob Dudgeon, shares how this storm illuminated one of the fundamentals of preparedness: have your creature comforts with you at work so in the event you are stuck there overnight--which includes even an emergency operations center (EOC)--you can freshen-up for the next day.

‘Decompressed’ thoughts: Hindsight is 20/20, Foresight is Priceless

October 30, 2012 in

In this em4SF Blog, we are taking a look back to late August (on the eve of the hustle and bustle that our fall outreach brings) and are enjoying the unique perspective from a San Francisco neophyte on Burning Man. Our author is Polly Zebrowsk who joined DEM as an intern last Spring. Polly came to us by way of passion for emergency management through her studies in emergency management at Tulane University. 

Who Shook Out?

October 26, 2012 in

Last week 9.4 million people in California participated in the largest earthquake drill in the state...in the country…in the world! Now in its fourth year, ShakeOut aims to arm Californians with the knowledge of what to do during an earthquake, which is to drop, cover and hold-on.